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1. How many Medical Devices Parks are planned to be established in India according to the National Medical Devices Policy?

  • A) 2
  • B) 3
  • C) 4
  • D) 5
  • Correct Answer: C) 4

2. In 2022, which country became the largest recipient of ADB-funded programs?

  • A) India
  • B) Bangladesh
  • C) Pakistan
  • D) Sri Lanka
  • Correct Answer: C) Pakistan

3. Where is the ‘Heritage Festival 2023’ scheduled to be held?

  • A) Panaji
  • B) Saligao
  • C) Mapusa
  • D) Vasco da Gama
  • Correct Answer: B) Saligao

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4. What is the main purpose of the partnership between Arya.ag and Shivalik Small Finance Bank?

  • A) To provide educational loans
  • B) To finance farmers against warehouse receipts
  • C) To offer personal loans
  • D) To provide startup funding
  • Correct Answer: B) To finance farmers against warehouse receipts

5. What is the name of the new business entity formed by Cummins Inc and Tata Motors Ltd?

  • A) TCPL Green Energy Solutions Private Ltd
  • B) Tata Cummins Hybrid Technologies
  • C) Cummins Tata Renewables
  • D) Tata Green Tech Solutions
  • Correct Answer: A) TCPL Green Energy Solutions Private Ltd

6. India and the UK signed an MOU for collaboration on which field?

  • A) Education
  • B) Defense
  • C) Science and Innovation
  • D) Trade
  • Correct Answer: C) Science and Innovation

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7. Where was the 7th edition of the “AJEYA WARRIOR-23” Indo-UK joint military exercise held?

  • A) Uttarakhand, India
  • B) Salisbury Plains, UK
  • C) Rajasthan, India
  • D) London, UK
  • Correct Answer: B) Salisbury Plains, UK

8. Who was awarded Australia’s highest civilian honour?

  • A) Mukesh Ambani
  • B) Ratan Tata
  • C) N. Chandrasekaran
  • D) Anand Mahindra
  • Correct Answer: B) Ratan Tata

9. Which country will host the SCO Summit on July 3–4?

  • A) China
  • B) Russia
  • C) India
  • D) Kazakhstan
  • Correct Answer: C) India

10. When is the World Day for Safety and Health at Work observed?

  • A) April 26
  • B) April 27
  • C) April 28
  • D) April 29
  • Correct Answer: C) April 28

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