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1. Who inaugurated the Gyaltsuen Jetsun Pema Wangchuk Mother and Child Hospital in Thimphu?

  • A) Narendra Modi and Lotay Tshering
  • B) Narendra Modi and Tshering Tobgay
  • C) Narendra Modi and King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck
  • D) Narendra Modi and Sheikh Hasina
  • Correct Answer: B) Narendra Modi and Tshering Tobgay

2. Which Indian brand has launched fresh milk products in the United States?

  • A) Mother Dairy
  • B) Parag Milk Foods
  • C) Amul
  • D) Sudha
  • Correct Answer: C) Amul

3. What is the purpose of the Election Commission’s Saksham App?

  • A) To facilitate online voter registration
  • B) To provide real-time election results
  • C) To allow voting from home for specific voters
  • D) To educate voters about electoral processes
  • Correct Answer: C) To allow voting from home for specific voters

4. What is the Chipko Movement known for?

  • A) Women’s rights
  • B) Environmental protection
  • C) Labour rights
  • D) Educational reforms
  • Correct Answer: B) Environmental protection

5. What was the Allahabad High Court’s ruling regarding the UP Board of Madarsa Education Act of 2004?

  • A) Upheld as constitutional
  • B) Amended for clarity
  • C) Declared unconstitutional
  • D) No ruling was made
  • Correct Answer: C) Declared unconstitutional

6. What does Federal Bank’s ‘Flash Pay’ facilitate?

  • A) Internet banking
  • B) Mobile banking
  • C) Contactless payments
  • D) Cryptocurrency transactions
  • Correct Answer: C) Contactless payments

7. How much has the Modi government allocated for strengthening Regional Rural Banks?

  • A) Rs 3212.03 crore
  • B) Rs 5212.03 crore
  • C) Rs 6212.03 crore
  • D) Rs 7212.03 crore
  • Correct Answer: C) Rs 6212.03 crore

Current Affairs:17-24 March 2024 highlights

8. What is India’s GDP growth forecast for FY25 according to S&P Global?

  • A) 6.4%
  • B) 6.8%
  • C) 7.0%
  • D) 7.2%
  • Correct Answer: B) 6.8%

9. Which city has surpassed Beijing as Asia’s billionaire capital, according to the Hurun Research Institute?

  • A) Tokyo
  • B) Shanghai
  • C) Mumbai
  • D) Singapore
  • Correct Answer: C) Mumbai

10. What is significant about the novel ‘Phool Bahadur’?

  • A) It’s the first Magahi novel translated into English
  • B) It’s the first novel written by a Nobel laureate from India
  • C) It’s the longest novel ever written
  • D) It’s the first novel to be translated into all UN languages
  • Correct Answer: A) It’s the first Magahi novel translated into English

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