Apple has always been a pioneer in technology, and with the launch of the Apple Vision Pro, they promised a revolution in the world of smart glasses. As a tech enthusiast in India, I had to get my hands on this gadget. After a rigorous test run, here’s a breakdown of my love-hate relationship with Apple Vision Pro.

The Setup Process

Love: Setting up the Apple Vision Pro was a breeze. The intuitive guidance system made syncing with my iCloud account seamless. The in-built tutorial was user-friendly, making the initial interaction quite pleasant.

Hate: However, the requirement for the latest iOS to pair with the glasses was a setback. Not everyone likes or can afford to update their iPhones frequently.

The iPhone Part

Love: The integration with the iPhone was impressive. Notifications were mirrored instantly, and the ability to control music and calls hands-free was futuristic.

Hate: But this dependency on the iPhone for most functionalities made the glasses feel less like a standalone device and more like an iPhone accessory.

UI and UX

Love: The user interface was typical Apple – sleek, responsive, and aesthetically pleasing. The user experience was equally satisfying with gestures and voice commands that worked flawlessly.

Hate: However, the over-simplification of some features took away the customizability that I, as a power user, crave.

Eye Tracking

Love: The eye-tracking feature was phenomenal. Scrolling through texts and switching between apps with just eye movements felt like sci-fi becoming reality.

Hate: Yet, in bright outdoor conditions, especially under the Indian sun, the eye tracking struggled, leading to a less than smooth experience.

Object Detection

Love: The object detection capability was another area where Apple Vision Pro shined. It was able to recognize and provide information about objects in my view, enhancing my interaction with the physical world.

Hate: But, the database seemed limited for Indian products and landmarks, which often left me with no information or misidentified items.

Pros and Cons


  1. Innovative Technology: The use of AR for real-time interaction is groundbreaking.
  2. Seamless Integration: Works well within the Apple ecosystem.
  3. Design: Classic Apple – stylish and discreet.


  1. Dependence on iPhone: Limited functionality without a connection to an iPhone.
  2. Customization: Cannot tweak and personalize certain features.
  3. Local Database: Needs expansion, especially for non-Western regions.


Apple Vision Pro is a bold step into the future of wearable tech. It’s a device that dazzles with its potential, yet sometimes fumbles in execution. While it offers an insight into the possibilities of augmented reality and seamless integration, it also serves as a reminder that even Apple has room to grow, especially when it comes to serving diverse markets like India. The glasses encapsulate a vision of the future – a future that is exciting but still clearly a work in progress.

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