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  1. In which year was the Indian Premier League (IPL) inaugurated?
  • A) 2005
  • B) 2006
  • C) 2007
  • D) 2008
  • Correct Answer: D) 2008

2. As of 2024, how many editions of the IPL have been completed?

  • A) 15
  • B) 16
  • C) 17
  • D) 18
  • Correct Answer: C) 17

3. Who was elected as the President of the Indian Steel Association in 2024?

  • A) Sajjan Jindal
  • B) Naveen Jindal
  • C) Lakshmi Mittal
  • D) Anil Agarwal
  • Correct Answer: B) Naveen Jindal

4. Who took over as the new Chairman of the Indian Banks’ Association in 2024?

  • A) Shaktikanta Das
  • B) Uday Kotak
  • C) M V Rao
  • D) Amitabh Chaudhry
  • Correct Answer: C) M V Rao

5. What significant event marked the bilateral relations between India and Brazil in 2024?

  • A) Signing of a free trade agreement
  • B) Inaugural ‘2+2’ defence and foreign ministerial dialogue
  • C) Joint military training exercise
  • D) Cultural exchange program
  • Correct Answer: B) Inaugural ‘2+2’ defence and foreign ministerial dialogue

6. India was elected as the co-chair of which international board in 2024?

  • A) WHO’s Executive Board
  • B) UNESCO’s Education Board
  • C) ITU’s Digital Innovation Board
  • D) WTO’s Trade Negotiations Committee
  • Correct Answer: C) ITU’s Digital Innovation Board

7. Which edition of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Startup Forum took place in New Delhi in 2024?

  • A) 2nd
  • B) 3rd
  • C) 4th
  • D) 5th
  • Correct Answer: C) 4th

8. What is the name of India’s first Reusable Launch Vehicle tested by ISRO in 2024?

  • A) Chandrayaan
  • B) Mangalyaan
  • C) Pushpak
  • D) Gaganyaan
  • Correct Answer: C) Pushpak

9. Which countries are participating in the TRILAT-2024 maritime exercise?

  • A) India, Sri Lanka, and Maldives
  • B) India, Mozambique, and Tanzania
  • C) India, Australia, and Indonesia
  • D) India, South Africa, and Nigeria
  • Correct Answer: B) India, Mozambique, and Tanzania

10. World Water Day is celebrated to highlight the importance of what?

  • A) Ocean Conservation
  • B) Freshwater resources
  • C) Rainwater harvesting
  • D) Water pollution control
  • Correct Answer: B) Freshwater resources

Current Affairs Quiz: 21 March 2024 Highlights

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