1. What has the Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) introduced in the PNGRB regulations related to natural gas pipelines?

  • A) A varying tariff rate based on state
  • B) A unified tariff system for natural gas pipelines
  • C) An increased tariff rate for commercial users
  • D) A decrease in tariff rates for residential areas
  • Correct Answer: B) A unified tariff system for natural gas pipelines

2. Which country’s Prime Minister has been invited to France for the Bastille Day parade?

  • A) The United Kingdom
  • B) Germany
  • C) India
  • D) Canada
  • Correct Answer: C) India

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3. What significant move has the Italian government announced regarding the use of language?

  • A) Making French the second official language
  • B) Banning the use of English language
  • C) Introducing Spanish in the education system
  • D) Promoting Latin to preserve heritage
  • Correct Answer: B) Banning the use of English language

4. How many places in Arunachal Pradesh has China announced ‘renaming’?

  • A) 5
  • B) 11
  • C) 8
  • D) 15
  • Correct Answer: B) 11

5. How much oil production cut have OPEC members announced?

  • A) Over two million barrels per day
  • B) Exactly one million barrels per day
  • C) More than one million barrels per day
  • D) Less than one million barrels per day
  • Correct Answer: C) More than one million barrels per day

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6. Who has been appointed as the first woman President of TiE Rajasthan?

  • A) Dr. Sheenu Jhawar
  • B) Dr. Ravi Modani
  • C) Dr. Anita Bhogle
  • D) Dr. Vandana Shiva
  • Correct Answer: A) Dr. Sheenu Jhawar

7. Who has the Reserve Bank of India appointed as the new executive director?

  • A) Neeraj Nigam
  • B) Vishwanathan Anand
  • C) Raghuram Rajan
  • D) Urjit Patel
  • Correct Answer: A) Neeraj Nigam

8. What is India’s GDP growth likely to moderate in FY24, according to the World Bank?

  • A) 7.0%
  • B) 6.3%
  • C) 5.5%
  • D) 6.6%
  • Correct Answer: B) 6.3%

9. Which bank inaugurated its first dedicated Branch for startups in Pune?

  • A) Bank of Maharashtra
  • B) State Bank of India
  • C) HDFC Bank
  • D) ICICI Bank
  • Correct Answer: A) Bank of Maharashtra

10. How many transactions did UPI process in March 2023, setting a new record?

  • A) 5.4 billion
  • B) 8.7 billion
  • C) 10 billion
  • D) 7.5 billion
  • Correct Answer: B) 8.7 billion

11. Who has been appointed as the new President of ASSOCHAM?

  • A) Ajay Singh
  • B) Sanjay Nayar
  • C) SpiceJet Co-Founder
  • D) None of the above
  • Correct Answer: B) Sanjay Nayar

12. Who is the wealthiest woman listed, according to the information provided in the image?

  • A) Mackenzie Scott
  • B) Alice Walton
  • C) Laurene Powell Jobs
  • D) Fran├žoise Bettencourt Meyers
  • Correct Answer: D) Fran├žoise Bettencourt Meyers

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