In a significant boost for Assam’s economic landscape, the Chief Minister has announced a major investment from Tata. This endeavour includes a semiconductor plant worth ₹27,000 crores, which is poised to place Assam prominently on the global tech map. With expectations of the first semiconductor chips being produced by 2025, this plant promises to revolutionize the job market in Eastern India.

Additionally, a Skill Development Centre is set to open alongside this facility, offering courses in cutting-edge technologies like AI, semiconductors, and electronics. This centre is a beacon of hope for the youth in the Northeast, particularly for the 1,500 trainees already preparing in Tata facilities.

This strategic development aligns seamlessly with the nation’s tech growth, further cemented by the Prime Minister’s recent inauguration of an associated OSAT facility. Keep an eye on this space as Assam gears up for a technological transformation!

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